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PSP DevKit project

education games

Assignment to make a small game on the PSP Devkit

(I’ve used some assets from Team 17s classic “Project X” for this project.)

Checklist for assignment:

  • Loading assets
  • Setting up a OpenGL framebuffer
  • Drawing (or Blitting) to frame buffer
  • Ready Input system
  • Play Audio (BGM and SFX)

Game featured:

  • Intro sequence
  • Basic Enemy behaviors
  • Wave spawners
  • Weapons and Upgrades
  • Tile-based platform with editor

I’ve had the pleasure to work together with Lawrence Kok and Leroy Sikkes on these dev-kits. We bundled our efforts to wrap both Win32 and PSP calls.

Example image
Example image
Example image
Example image

Daniel Wustenhoff
Daniel Wustenhoff
‘Software Engineer’